Knee Injury

Treated @ Lighthouse Physical Therapy

Knee Injury

At Lighthouse all of our Doctors of Physical Therapy are SPECIALLY trained in rehabbing the dreaded ACL injury! All of our docs live by the ideology that ACL tears are not a condition, but instead a symptom of a greater issue. ACLs tears happen for a reason; POOR movement mechanics. This is evident by the high rate of ACL RE-tears following ACL repairs! At Lighthouse we actually correct the mechanical issue that caused the ACL to tear in the first place. We also specialize in returning patients back to sport following ACL tear or injury!

knee injury

Here we Break down the components of ACL rehab Process:

  • Initiation of Active ROM and utilization of Blood Flow Restriction to prevent muscle loss
  • Activation of the Quadriceps and muscular strengthening using BFR
  • Assessment using DorsaVi to determine mechanical issues leading to heightened risk of ACL tear
  • Optimization of movement mechanics
  • Initiation of Return To Sport (RTS) programming


Click the following link to find out how we are PREVENTING ACL tears in our uninjured populations – BulletProof Injury Prevention

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