Physical Therapy in Liberty Lake

Achieve your health goals with the help of our Liberty Lake physical therapists.

When you think of physical therapy, you may picture treatments after a surgery or sports injury. But physical therapy reaches far beyond injury recovery, promoting comprehensive healing and physical fitness.

At Lighthouse Physical Therapy, we offer a wide range of Liberty Lake physical therapy services to help patients regain confidence and reach their full physical potential. Whether you want to alleviate pain, meet your fitness goals, or improve flexibility and mobility, trust our expert physical therapists to be your knowledgeable, compassionate guides.

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Auto Accident Recovery & Concussion Treatment in Liberty Lake, WA

After a serious car accident, you may believe you’ll never regain your previous level of physical mobility. But with physical therapy, full recovery is a real possibility for you.

Our specialized auto accident recovery treatments focus on the unique complexities of car accident injuries. While you may have received a diagnosis of a broken leg or a concussion, we’ll also look for hidden injuries like whiplash, herniated discs, and soft tissue injuries, addressing these conditions as well through a comprehensive treatment plan.

If you’re dealing with a concussion after a car accident, our specialists can help you recover faster while preventing any further complications from this form of traumatic brain injury. Entrust our Liberty Lake physical therapy specialists with your injury recovery and experience faster, more sustainable relief.

Sports Injury Prevention Program in Liberty Lake, WA

As an athlete, you may believe that experiencing an injury is just the name of the game. But you can take steps to prevent sports injuries by correcting your dangerous movement patterns — and our Bulletproof Injury Prevention Program can help.

We’ll take a four-step approach to identify and correct motions that could put you at risk of a sports injury:

  1. Conduct a DorsaVi assessment to visualize your movement and pinpoint harmful patterns
  2. Guide you through biomechanical retraining to correct poor movement mechanics
  3. Conduct specialized sports training to translate those movement corrections to your specific sport
  4. Re-assess your movement with DorsaVi to evaluate your progress and identify any additional areas of concern

Medical Massage in Liberty Lake, WA

Massage therapy can promote relaxation and pain relief, but did you know it can also facilitate healing? Our medical massage services are an excellent adjunct to physical therapy, improving circulation, flexibility, and range of motion in injured areas.

Our trained medical massage therapists know the best ways to target injured areas gently while promoting rehabilitation. After a medical massage in Liberty Lake, you’ll not only feel better; you’ll also be one step closer to 100% recovery.

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