Personal Trainer in Spokane Valley

Achieving your fitness goals on your own can be challenging. Our personal trainers in Spokane Valley, WA, can steer you in the right direction, keep you motivated, hold you accountable, and cheer you on.

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Local Personal Fitness Training & Conditioning

At Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, our experienced personal trainers can help you improve your physical fitness and athleticism by developing a personalized fitness program and guiding you through each step. We use science-based training programs, combined with our passion and expertise in all things fitness, to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Alongside Personal Fitness Training, we also offer sports medicine and bulletproof injury prevention strategies to ensure you stay strong and injury-free.

Your personal training program may include:

  • HIIT group training sessions
  • Strength training
  • Agility training
  • Muscle building
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Cardiovascular endurance sessions

We can also integrate other aspects of your physical health, such as your diet and medical conditions, into a tailored fitness plan.

The Lighthouse Difference

We pride ourselves on taking an alternative approach to personal training that can help you see noticeable results faster. Here’s what you can expect when you work with our personal trainers in Spokane Valley.

Whatever your starting point, we’ll help you reach your ending point with fitness training tailored to your goals. Whether you are a seasoned athlete looking for high-level training and guidance or you have never stepped foot in a gym, we’ll provide warm and friendly coaching services to help you achieve your goals.

Our one-on-one fitness coaching allows us to shape your workout plan around your specific goals. We’ll create a detailed fitness program with step-by-step instructions, guide you through each exercise, and provide you with activities you can do at home to keep the momentum going.

As physical therapists, we know that injuries and chronic pain can limit your physical abilities. We will adapt your exercise program to account for any limitations you may be facing. We can also pair your personal training with physical therapy to promote full-body rehabilitation and strength.