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Your physical health and wellness play a major role in your livelihood and lifestyle. When your body doesn’t work the way you want it to due to chronic pain, injuries, or surgery recovery, completing even the most basic daily tasks can be challenging.

At Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we provide the personalized physical therapy services you need to achieve your goals and live an active life. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, dealing with ongoing pain, or building strength and flexibility, we provide the treatments and therapies necessary to help you reach your prime.

Start your journey toward physical health and restoration. Get moving with Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine today.

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    During your consultation, we’ll conduct a full-body assessment, discuss your goals for the treatment, and lay out a step-by-step treatment plan personalized to you.

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  • You start your journey to rehabilitation

    From your first appointment, we’ll guide you through exercises and therapies that bring you one step closer to your physical goals.

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Meet the Owner:
Dr. Ryan Zumwalt

Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is a locally owned private practice in Spokane Valley. The owner, Dr. Ryan Zumwalt, is a native to Spokane and grew up at Lighthouse, literally. Dr. Zumwalt graduated from University Highschool, with success academically but also winning state championship in wrestling. Dr. Zumwalt continued his passion for wrestling throughout college and won a national championship in 2013.

Dr. Zumwalt not only achieved his pre-med degree in Biomedical Science, he also accomplished 4 additional degrees. Dr. Zumwalt graduated at the top of his class from Midwestern, where he achieved his life-long dream of becoming a doctor, ultimately becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy. After graduation, Dr. Zumwalt went to work for the Seattle Mariners as part of the medical staff.

Dr. Zumwalt’s vision for Lighthouse is to serve the community by promoting injury prevention, holistic wellness, and offering a conservative alternative to the traditional medical model. The traditional model of sustaining an injury, going to physical therapy, and then getting surgery just isn’t cutting it. Dr. Zumwalt, and supporting doctors/staff, work to prevent injury through biomechanical assessment and treatments using state of the art technology.

Going through life with pain and discomfort can be disheartening.

But finding relief and achieving your physical goals feels impossible.

  • You’ve tried medications and treatments in the past that haven’t worked.
  • You’re frustrated by your lack of progress.
  • You think you can achieve your goals on your own — but it hasn’t worked for you so far.
  • You’re close to giving up and accepting pain as a part of your life.


Check out what our clients at Lighthouse Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Spokane, WA have to say about their experience.

chris attrill
chris attrill
Awesome folks.
Martha Bibby
Martha Bibby
Getting great care here. Would highly recommend this for your physical therapy needs. Very encouraging and take an interest in your needs.
John Breland
John Breland
I am making progress. The staff is firm in their form of treatment which is what I need. They are invariably kind and respectful. Many thanks, especially to Nichole.
Malinda Suom
Malinda Suom
The best place in town to go to for PT.
Sarah Potter
Sarah Potter
amazing knowledgeable, caring, friendly staff
Aaron Roberts
Aaron Roberts
Ben Porter is great! Very easy to work with.
Adam Siler
Adam Siler
All around great place, positive, knowledgeable. They help make what can be a frustrating situation enjoyable!
Kathleen Jenkinson
Kathleen Jenkinson
Fabulous sports medicine PT docs. Top notch attention and services. Dr. C has assisted me for the last 1.5 years after a major lower extremity injury. I would highly recommend!

Find Head-To-Toe Healing & Rehabilitation With Physical Therapy

At Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we believe you deserve to live an active, pain-free life. We use the industry’s most advanced physical therapy treatments and technologies to help patients find relief from a wide range of
physical ailments.

Our certified physical therapists provide physical therapy for chronic pain, surgery recovery, sports injury rehab, and overall fitness improvement.

Explore Our Physical Therapy Services

When you think of physical therapy, you may picture rehab after a serious surgery or treatments to recover from a severe injury. But at Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we believe that physical therapy has a much greater potential, playing a key role in virtually anyone’s physical health and fitness.

Our services go beyond basic physical therapy treatment options. We provide a comprehensive selection of therapies and rehabilitation programs to promote full-body healing, pain relief, and strength.

How Can Physical Therapy Benefit You?

Areas We Serve

With our two convenient locations in Spokane, WA. We provide physical therapy, personal training, medical massage, and sports medicine “near me” to our local community in Spokane Valley and the greater area. We serve all of the following locations:

Regain Control Over Your Physical Health & Fitness

You don’t need to accept the pain and discomfort you’re living with. With tailored physical therapy services, you can find long-lasting relief within a matter of weeks.
Our Liberty Lake physical therapy experts are ready to help you find pain relief and full-body rehabilitation. Improve your range of motion, flexibility, strength, and circulation with personalized physical therapy services from our compassionate team.

Schedule an appointment today to start your path to wellness. Major health insurance plans accepted.