Unable to Sleep After a Head Injury: Can a Spokane Valley Physical Therapist Help?

Unable to Sleep After a Head Injury: Can a Spokane Valley Physical Therapist Help?

Are you finding yourself unable to sleep after a head injury in Spokane Valley or the surrounding area? You could benefit from seeking reliable physical therapy in Spokane Valley

For instance, a team like Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine will provide you with compassionate and reliable physical therapy that can help you recover from a multitude of injuries and empower you to reclaim a bedtime routine that really works. 

Unable to Sleep After a Head Injury: Potential Dangers in Spokane Valley, WA

If you experience sleep problems after a head injury, it could indicate a serious medical condition like a concussion or traumatic brain injury. Did you see a doctor after your injury? If they’ve deemed you a low risk for serious complications, you should still be aware of the potential dangers and causes of ongoing sleep problems, such as:

Physical and Chemical Issues

Your internal clock, the circadian rhythm, establishes your sleep patterns. It relies on chemical signals from your brain to signal when you should sleep and wake. 

If your injury damages the areas that send these signals, you’ll have difficulty falling asleep. You’ll likely also feel daytime sleepiness.

Breathing Issues

A head injury can hinder the brain’s ability to regulate breathing during sleep. It also may weaken your tongue and throat, blocking your airway. 

This kind of issue can also lead to sleep apnea, making it nearly impossible to sleep through the night. This lack of oxygen can cause long-term brain damage, so seek help immediately.

Mental Health

If you’re experiencing anxiety or depression after your injury, it can affect how well you sleep. The Mayo Clinic estimates that depression is two to five times more common after a brain injury. 

If you’re experiencing any signs of depression or anxiety, reach out to a mental health professional for help.

How a Spokane Valley Physical Therapist Can Help If You’re Unable To Sleep After a Head Injury

If you’re unable to sleep after a head injury, how can a physical therapist help? After a head injury, lack of sleep can cause:

  • Trouble thinking
  • Mobility issues like lack of balance
  • Neck pain 

Through regular physical therapy appointments and changed home routines, your physical therapist can not only help you recover from your injury but restore your ability to have a good night’s sleep.

Injury Recovery

The primary way a physical therapist can help you reclaim your sleep schedule after a head injury is by helping your injury heal. Often, recovery mitigates or eliminates the chemical, physical, and mental issues causing your sleep disturbances. 

Without help, severe head injuries can take several months or even years to recover from.

Mobility Improvement

Are your sleep issues causing mobility problems? Your physical therapist can help you deal with them. 

Physical therapy can improve balance and reduce muscle fatigue, which may act as both a symptom and cause of sleep issues. They can also give you mobility aids, like crutches or canes, which can help protect your body until you heal.

Sleep Hygiene Education

The physical therapist will spend time examining where you can improve your sleep hygiene or the set of factors that help determine how effectively you can sleep. 

For example, common sleep advice includes:

  • Avoid caffeine for at least 12 hours and screens for at least 2 hours before your bedtime.
  • Sleep in a dark, cold, and quiet room.
  • Use the bed only for sleeping and sex.
  • Go to bed at the same time each night.

Routine Development

Lastly, a physical therapist can help you develop exercise routines. You’ll then complete the exercises at home and, hopefully, improve your overall health and sleep. 

The physical therapist can also give you pain treatment methods, like ice and stretching.

Reliable Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley, WA: Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

If you’re unable to sleep after a head injury, reach out to the professionals. A team like Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine helps with everything from obtaining the benefits of physical therapy in treating concussions to improving how well you can heal at home. 

Let our friendly and knowledgeable physical therapists help get your health back on track. To book an appointment or learn more, contact us online or call (509) 928-3443!