Injury Prevention for Athletes Starts with the Bulletproof Method

Injury Prevention for Athletes Starts with the Bulletproof Method

Whether you’re a member of a competitive sports team, runner or a weekend warrior, you need the right techniques to protect your body and performance from injury. 

Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Spokane and Spokane Valley employs the Bulletproof Method to encourage injury prevention for active athletes like you. Learn more about how we can help you manage your passion’s physical demands while keeping your body safe. 

Injury Prevention Checklist for Athletes in Spokane, WA

What exactly does injury prevention entail? You can incorporate it into your regular workout routines, practices and similar activities by following this injury prevention checklist:

  • Warmups: Stretching your body and encouraging circulation before intense practice or workout sessions prepare you for the hard physical work ahead. 
  • Cooldowns: Cooling down after your sessions allows your muscles to readjust and relax. 
  • Best lifting and form practices: Employ proper technique usage during your sessions to prevent injuries. 
  • Hydration: Don’t skip water and electrolytes! Dehydration can increase your likelihood of sustaining injuries or recovering slowly. 
  • Nutrition: Food is fuel for your body to move. Macronutrients like protein and carbs help your body repair and nourish growing muscles. 

In other words, injury prevention for athletes helps fitness and sports enthusiasts recover more effectively, avoid soreness and prevent injuries that could take them out of the game.  

Bulletproof Method: Injury Prevention Therapy in Spokane, WA

Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Spokane encourages our patients to practice our Bulletproof Method

This four-step approach allows our clinicians to examine how you move and what your movement patterns mean. Your sports medicine therapist can use sport-specific training techniques to enhance your performance, increase your stamina and help you proactively protect your body throughout practices and sessions. 

  1. The Bulletproof Assessment

The Bulletproof method begins with a DorsaVi Assessment to analyze how you intuitively move. An athlete’s natural movements increase their risk of sustaining significant injuries. Your clinician will identify flawed biomechanical movements that may threaten your performance and safety. 

  1. Biomechanical Retraining

Next, you undergo biomechanical retraining, which corrects those flawed movements. For example, you subconsciously twist your kneecap to turn your body in a particular direction rather than redirecting your entire body. This movement increases your risk for knee injuries. 

Biomechanical retraining helps you relearn these movements. You’ll habitually turn your whole body rather than pivot at the kneecap, protecting both knees and legs. 

  1. Sport-Specific Training

You’ll undergo sport-specific training to put your biomechanical habits into action. Like other professional or amateur athletes, you want to ensure your training translates into your preferred sport. Otherwise, you might consciously maintain the biomechanical retraining during your sessions but revert to the dangerous habits that could lead to painful injuries and slow recoveries. 

  1. The Bulletproof Reassessment

Finally, you’ll undergo another DorsaVi Assessment to track progress. If one of our clinicians thinks you need more improvement, they’ll continue working with you for further correction. They might also recommend other tweaks to perfect your performance and increase your active protection. 

How Injury Prevention Techniques Improve Your Performance

While injury avoidance means more playing time, it also enhances other aspects of your athletic performance. The Bulletproof Method and other injury prevention habits can benefit your athleticism by:

  • Improving the way you carry yourself: Core strengthening and posture exercises and training sessions can influence aspects of your life outside of the gym or field. 
  • Decreasing recovery time: If you’ve ever struggled with a specific muscle group or joint, you know that your recovery needs can increase significantly due to that one area.
  • Increasing flexibility: Flexibility maintenance and development is crucial to preventing injuries. Stiff joints and muscles won’t move or adapt as readily as healthy ones. 

Explore Cutting-Edge Sports Medicine in Spokane, WA with Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

A large part of injury prevention for athletes involves a deeper understanding of how the body communicates. Let Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine translate your body’s language with our popular Bulletproof Injury Prevention therapy. 

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