Physical Therapy Strategies for Injury-Prone Athletes

Physical Therapy Strategies for Injury-Prone Athletes

As unfair as it seems, some athletes are more prone to injury than others. Whether you are looking for tips on preventing sports injuries or experts to guide you during your injury rehabilitation process, Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine offers excellent physical therapy in Spokane Valley, Washington, to assist you in your athletic journey. 

Physical Therapy Tips for Injury Prevention

Here are some general physical therapy strategies for injury-prone athletes. It can be tempting for athletes to focus solely on the sport itself. Basketball players want to get out on the court, and marathoners want to get in their weekly mileage. However, there’s a lot more to being a strong, resilient athlete than your preferred activity!

The best way to ensure longevity as a healthy athlete is to prioritize injury prevention. The team at Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is happy to help work one on one with you for tips specific to your athletic goals.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down, respectively, before and after you exert yourself. An active warm-up that increases your heart rate and loosens your muscles will improve your chances of remaining injury-free. 

Cooling down with a slow jog and stretching can help prevent sore muscles. It is crucial to stretch the muscles you use most in your sport; this will improve your flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

Strength Training

It can be very beneficial for athletes to devote time to strength training and conditioning. Strengthening muscles in isolation can help improve your body’s resilience. 

Improving endurance benefits various athletic goals, as you will be more prepared to maintain proper form, even while fatigued. Physical therapists can help athletes find a strength training routine suited for their body type and sport. 

Physical Therapy Approaches to Injury Rehabilitation

Sadly, even the most diligent athletes may get injured occasionally, no matter how proactive they are. This may be due to a variety of risk factors, including genetic, environmental, and more. While discouraging, with the right support and rehabilitation, you will be able to return to the sport you love. 

A licensed physical therapist in Spokane Valley, WA, will help an injured athlete through all steps of injury rehabilitation, including basic recovery, improving flexibility, and increasing range of motion.

Eventually, a physical therapist can guide an injured athlete through a regimen that will strengthen the injured body part. Following such a plan will help you return to the activities you love stronger and more resilient than before.

Local Experts in Spokane Valley, WA

Athletes are committed to improving their skills and physical well-being. When athletes redirect just some of that energy toward injury prevention, they can greatly improve their athletic outcomes by training without disruptions.

Begin by following these physical therapy strategies for injury-prone athletes. For more support, contact a physical therapist from Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Spokane Valley, WA, and request an appointment today to learn more.