The Benefits of Physical Therapy in Treating Concussions

The Benefits of Physical Therapy in Treating Concussions

If you or a loved one has recently suffered a concussion, you know how frightening the experience can be. What you may not know is that physical therapy in Spokane Valley can be an effective tool for concussion treatment. 

The licensed physical therapists at Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Spokane Valley, WA, are ready to aid in recovery by providing the benefits of physical therapy to concussion patients. 

What Is a Concussion? 

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury, often caused by a direct impact or jolt to the head. Concussions are common in motor vehicle accidents, contact sports, and falls.

The severity of the concussion can vary, but, like any head injury, a suspected concussion requires a medical examination as soon as possible. Concussions can have long-term impacts on the injured person’s health, including reducing blood flow to the brain.


Symptoms from a concussion can occur immediately after the head injury; they can also be delayed by hours or days. They include:

  • Physical symptoms like headache, dizziness, and trouble balancing
  • Cognitive and emotional symptoms like brain fog, mood swings, and memory issues

Most people recover from a concussion within two weeks. However, if symptoms persist, it could indicate post-concussion syndrome. 

How Can Physical Therapy Help?

Physical therapy can be an excellent tool in navigating the symptoms of a concussion, especially if the symptoms are particularly severe or if a patient is suffering from post-concussion syndrome. Recovery times and processes can vary between individuals. 

Licensed physical therapists, like the expert team at Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Spokane Valley, WA, can help patients through concussion recovery. There are many benefits of physical therapy for treating concussions, particularly in supporting every step of rest, recovery, and return to activity.


The most important thing to do after a concussion is rest. This means avoiding physical activity, mental exertion, and screen time. A physical therapist guides patients through how much rest they need, then helps patients complete exercises to recover lost strength.


Many concussed patients experience headaches and neck pain. The cervical spine, which contains the vertebrae in the neck area, is often damaged after a concussion. A physical therapist can utilize their expertise to help a patient stretch and improve the flexibility of their neck and spine, reducing pain and stiffness. 

Return to Activity

Returning to activity after a concussion can be scary. Many patients are worried about doing too much too quickly, preventing a full recovery. Trained physical therapists will help patients gradually add activity while monitoring progress and heart rate to avoid overloading the brain and body.

Your Local, Premier Physical Therapists in Spokane Valley, WA

Throughout concussion recovery, you want to ensure you have a qualified team to help you reap the benefits of physical therapy in treating concussions. The professionals at Lighthouse Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine are proud to be trusted members of the Spokane Valley, WA, community. Contact us today to request an appointment.